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Oil & Gas

Sub Saharan Africa

Supply chain and logistics teams all around the world understand that the physical movement of goods across borders is dependent on the availability of information.

Information exchange is the lifeblood of any export transaction – and insufficient, inaccurate or incomplete information can cause chaos in the supply chain.

The solution to these ever increasing information management challenges is to ensure that your team, suppliers and trading partners have access to the information they need to make the right decision.

EUROACTIV OIL is an European firm that operates exclusively in Sub Saharan Africa and is duly registered for ist Oil activities and offers unique solutions based on our professional bias and quality products.

Our capabilities, of course, will help our clientele to significantly improve inter-departmental, third party supplier and trading partner collaboration, information exchange and understandings.


EUROACTIV OIL offers the following oil solutions, although not limited to:
– Crude
– Jet Fuel A1
– Jet Fuel JP54
– Petrol
– D2 | EN590
– Kerosene
– Marine Fuel
– Light Virgin Naphtha
– Heavy Virgin Naphtha
– Petroleum Ether
– Petroleum Spirit
– Petroleum Naphtha
– Distillate Fuel Oil
– Propane | LPG
– Lubricants
– Bitumen

EUROACTIV OIL develops and manages oil related infrastructures in Africa:
– tank farms
– fuel stations
– refineries


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